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MICHAEL ANDREW LAW (Founder and Teacher)

Michael Andrew LawLaw Cheuk Yui, also known professionally as Michael Andrew Law, is a Hong Kong painter who combines both classical and contemporary techniques, traditional and unconventional media in his work. Law studied painting with a teacher from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and with New York classical painter Dan Anderson. In 2008, he granted funding from Eco Association Ltd and co-founded Nature Art Workshop. In 2015, he founded Gallery Michael Andrew Law and in 2016, Michael Andrew Law Art School.

Celebrities including Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, and Dr. Tony Nader count Law’s work among their private collections. He has participated in group shows worldwide, including Art Basel Hong Kong. Law currently lives and works in Hong Kong.


Online Painting & Art Lessons

1 on 1 Online Painting & Art Lessons ( ENGLISH )

In a Zoom Painting tutoring session I will help you with just what you need:

  • identify your painting "sticking point" and share my strategies
  • critique your works and portfolio
  • guiding you to choose the best path forward or subjects that works for you
  • approach your subject and brainstorm an idea
  • refine your "voice in art"
  • the business side of art: promoting, working with dealers & galleries, strategies to exhibition, analyze your market, and tips for selling your work.
  • "complete" artworks more to your liking
  • strategize about your painting studio/space
  • choose the best brushes & Materials to suit your works
  • prepare your mind and body for an ideal painting experience
  • help develop the most useful color theory for you
  • guide to the best paint brands and colors that works for you
  • delve into the world of contemporary painting mediums
  • discuss in depth being (or becoming) a professional artist
  • discover what art means to you


I'll study your paintings.

I'll answer all your questions.

Together we will find the best ways for you to move forward in your work.


Before your ZOOM one-on-one session, I want to invite you to first Join our Free Session, and you will login into a Private Online Classroom, there I will invite you to write about your past painting experience, your goal and your expectation to the course, and best send us couple samples of your past paintings and drawings (if there were), we will continue to communicate with Text and Writing in the private online classroom, until we both agree and then choose a date and time to start the actual Zoom session.
I will continue share my perspective and philosophy on painting, along with hints, techniques, and methods that I think will help you move ahead in the classroom before and after each Zoom lesson, and you can also ask follow up questions in the private online classroom, and it is FREE OF CHARGE using this Free Session.
If you're new to painting, we'll address foundation topics such as: how to begin, lighting, gesture, choosing your paints and brushes, and color mixing. If you're more experienced, we'll go deeper into topics such as: the role of art in your life, refining your 'painting voice,' the power of 'presence' in your paintings, when a painting is 'finished,' classical still life painting today, blogging, working with galleries, strategies to show, market, and sell your work, and much more. My goal is to help you along your painting journey.
Never painted before? Feel like you're a beginner?
First, I believe we are all beginners, all the time. Learning how to paint is possible for everyone, but I know how hard it can be to get started (and keep going!). I offer a 100% non-judgemental, open-minded approach to teaching painting. We discuss, step-by-step, how to go about building a strong foundation in painting. I invite you to work with me regardless of your painting level. (Or perhaps you'd like to apply what I have learned to another area of study, such as writing, business, or other creative explorations....)


Or are you an experienced hobbyist painter?

Painting is remarkable. It mirrors life and challenges us all to the core. Talking with me about your painting journey and struggles can provide clarity that can lead to actionable solutions. Having painted hundreds of daily paintings, I've developed clear strategies to keep myself moving in the studio. By looking at your work and through our conversation about the role of art in your life, I aim to help you move forward in your creative pursuits.
Invest in yourself TODAY.
Free Session

How This Tutoring Works ?

1.The first step is to Join Our Free Session, you will gain access to a Private Online Classroom, and enter your details for my preliminary Painting Assessment, you can also send me images of your paintings so I can complete a Painting Image Review.

2.I will communicate in the Private Online Classroom, until we both agree the direction that we are going with this tutoring, since this is a 1:1 teaching, every student is different, I will design the teaching materials according to your goals and expectation, this isn't 1 of those one size fits all course.

3.Then we discuss a timetable that suites both you and me, I will then send you instructions regarding payment for your 1-on-1 Painting Mentoring session. We'll set up a time to meet via Zoom.

4.We will have a in-depth Private tutoring Session. Within a few days, you will receive a personalized Advancement Plan, complete with Private Access to my Unpublished Painting Resources.

"Michael paint the most beautiful painting on the planet, I am so happy learning with him, Michael is a great teacher and he's very patient with his students .I chose to study at Michael's class because I wanted to study painting and its history . "

- Oksana Shevchenko

"I'm glad to have a chance for learning painting with Michael in Hong Kong."

- Angela Cole

" Thank you Michael for teaching my daughter amazing drawing technique, she really enjoyed your lessons ! My daughter Jenni is associated with modern art for more than three years and is in Basic level . In her preschool stage i identified her interest towards drawings and was searching for a good teacher which could excel her artistic skills. After joining her in Michael's class I found a lot of changes in her creativity & thought process in the first few weeks of her joining. Teacher Michael also conduct various homeworks which have improved my daughter's creativity not only in drawing but also in many other fine art knowledge. She designs many posters for each occasion and holidays, she keep surprises me!! Thank you again, Michael !! "

- Jenni & Becky

"Michael is a very very patient teacher, he'd explained carefully whenever I had questions with any painting technique."

- Betty & Nadine

"大家好,我叫羅泳嫻, 從小就熱愛藝術,畢業於日本Yamano 美容藝術大學,跟羅老師學習畫畫已超過5年 。亦和老師一起開過畫展 得了珍貴的展出經驗,羅老師本身俢讀電影,但自小就學習畫畫,即使面對家人反對畫畫工作,仍然堅持成為今日出名的畫畫老師、年輕派的畫家和微電影導演可見羅老師對藝術的熱誠和獨特見解,老師本身畫畫的根基很好 人像 風景 動物 甚至書法都非常了得,而當中文藝復興風格的古典畫,更是老師的得意技,祝大家展開了自己的藝術旅程

- 羅泳嫻 香港演員/日本國際美容拹會主辦之日本全國大賽亞軍"


Take a look from our REAL students...

「羅sir (Michael Andrew Law) 的油畫功了得, 教導非常用心.

「一直想擁有畫廊級的繪畫功力, 能夠繪畫像博物館裏面看到的繪畫作品, 老師教得非常之好, 能夠令初學者掌握精細的 繪畫技巧.

「Michael 老師人像畫功非常之好, 上課的時間也很有耐性, 很會用心聆聽我提出的問題, 並解釋各個步驟」

"It was an amazing experience working with Michael ."

Free Session


Learn from acclaimed contemporary artist Michael Andrew Law.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the lesson start and finish?
The lesson starts after we both agreed a time and date for Zoom meeting, Please first join our Free Session in this page, talk to our teacher and see if this tutoring really suitable for you and we will discuss from there.
What is the pricing of your Zoom lessons/ tutoring?
Our 1:1 Zoom meeting session price will depend on duration, your requirement and availability.
What if I am unhappy with the tutoring?
We would never want you to be unhappy! But, in a very rare case, if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 29 days and we will give you a full refund.



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